Adding video to your website

There is a lot of buzz about video backgrounds at the moment. These short repeating videos either make the design amazing or ruin its overall look. Thinking beyond these backgrounds, videos are a great marketing tool. Short explainer videos that introduce a product or company can have far more impact than words and images.

Why Use Video?

Video is just another design feature, right? It’s the same as you use images in web design: some of them are small, others huge; some are placed in the header, others take the entire page space; there are images that evoke emotions, and there are some that hold your text, etc. There are tons of video applications in website design too.


Video is a good practice to introduce users to your product or service. This form of content introduction is more user-friendly than a long features list. When you describe a certain feature in the video, you automatically make it more alluring for users. It allows them to notice things they would never see in the wall of text. Video uses both visuals and audio to present the content, so you can reach a bigger audience.


Explainer videos are very popular online. These are short 2-minute videos explaining mostly the company’s goals and objectives. Using such video on a website, you explain to users what you do and what you offer them. By means of nice visuals and high-quality audio you give site visitors a nice understanding of your business. What you should do is answer a few questions your potential clients can ask. This will help users to avoid extra efforts to search for information on your home page, and even make decisions without going to the ‘About Us’ page.


Video is a sufficient attention-grabber. You can add interest to your website by incorporating a short video to your home page. This is a whole different design item as compared to images and icons but it excites users more. Video adds value to your design.

Tell a Story

There is nothing new in storytelling, but it remains highly powerful. As it gets more difficult to catch your user’s attention and make them listen to you, videos becomes a useful tool to tell a better story. Storytelling is the heart of a website design, so it is better to do it in an original and influential manner. Video is a confident step to take storytelling to the next level with a website and so improve the user experience.

A bio video is a good solution to introduce the head of your organisation and allow them to explain their position and the business they are running. It's a great chance to ‘meet’ people you are trying to convert. Video is much more compelling than written words, because it also conveys voice, intonation and body language. Video helps to express personality, energy, your passion about the product and sense of humour, which are all able to make your video viral and spread the word about your brand.