Parallax Scrolling: A technique to bring your site to life

Parallax scrolling is being used more and more as a web design tool to make websites more engaging.

What is it?

Parallax scrolling is where, as you scroll down a web page, the background images of the web page move more slowly than the text in the foreground. This gives the page a sense of depth and, if the web page is well designed, a sense of exploration that ordinary webpages don't offer.

Telling a story

There are two advantages with parallax scrolling. The first is the ability to tell a story. Storytelling is becoming increasingly prominent when marketing products, and many companies want to use storytelling to endear customers to their product. Parallax scrolling can help with this through a relatively simple process. By using parallax scrolling, a website visitor can take control of their own interactive journey as they view one of your web pages. As the scroll down the web page, they can be shown all manner of things as the story associated with the product unravels. This web design technique is a brilliant way of retaining audience attention.

Scrolling not clicking

The second advantage is that it's mobile and touch friendly. Scrolling through webpages is far quicker than clicking when you're on a mobile device. It helps us convey masses of information without slowing down the experience for the user. This is a very natural and intuitive way to view the information and is much easier than clicking on menus to move from page to page.

Parallax scrolls give you more control over a visitor’s journey too. By using this technique you can lead customers to a specific call to action at the end of the page so, once the scrolling has enticed them, a link will be there letting them buy your product or service.