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Squarespace is a leader in website design. They help you stand out with their award-winning templates and easy to use page editor. But where do you turn when you need a feature that isn’t available? It’s time to book a Squarespace expert.


Why choose me?

I’ve been specialising in Squarespace for more than ten years, building stores and websites under my own brand, and as a ‘white label’ service for larger web design agencies (who charge their clients considerably more).

I can customise almost any aspect of a Squarespace website to your specifications. I can add features, improve the user experience (UX) or improve your visitor’s journey to improve your conversion rate. In a nutshell, I solve complex problems in simple, elegant ways. If you’ve tried working with random part-timers who called themselves ‘experts’ on 99designs or Upwork, you’ll appreciate the difference working with a full-time professional developer.

I’ve been a Front-end Developer, a UX Consultant, an Internet Engineer and I’m the author of many widely read articles explaining how to add custom features to Squarespace websites. I have more than 15 years practical experience in design, usability and code development, working on literally hundreds of responsive websites. I’m well versed in internet technologies with extensive experience developing large-scale application software, including ES6 concepts, React, Angular, or other modern JS frameworks.

Custom work

What can I do?

If you need a simple tweak that you can’t achieve with the template settings, or you want to implement something more complex, contact me for a quotation. I can give you a fixed price for changes such as customising the mobile view, navigation bar, hiding components or changing the cart. In fact, anything at all that is Squarespace related.


How long does it take?

Small jobs (from 15 minutes to 4 hours) are usually completed within 5-10 business days. Medium sized jobs (up to a day) are usually completed within 15-20 days. Please note that due to my workload, I'm currently booked until next month for large jobs (2 days+). Fast track requests jump to the front of the queue as they include a prepaid element.

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How it works



Think about what you need

Think about your problem and then describe it for us. Include examples of situations that help to paint the picture for us. Don’t try to solution it yourself; we’ll find the best solution for you, based on what you tell us. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to help you.



Submit your request

Submit your request using the form below. We’ll review your request within a few days and then we’ll follow up with a quotation, or some questions to clarify your requirements.


Fast Track Service

Want to jump to the front of the queue? Pay our standard minor charge upfront and we'll prioritise your request by looking at your site first, usually within 48-hours. Click the button below and tell us about your requirements.

Note that whilst we guarantee to assess your website and consider your requirements, we cannot guarantee that your requirements can be met on the Squarespace platform, or that the requested changes can be made within the 20-minute time period covered by this initial payment. All payments are non-refundable.

The payment covers the first 20-minutes of our time, including our assessment of the time it will take to complete the work. Minor requests are often completed within 20 minutes at no additional charge. If the full request cannot be completed within this time, we will contact you by email with a quotation. We normally look at fast track requests within 72 hours, during UK working hours, Monday to Friday. We do not work UK Public Holidays.

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Standard Service

Work with a Squarespace expert on anything from a minor troubleshooting session to a full website replacement. Whatever you need, I can give you a fixed price estimate.