How do I make a class newsletter available for download?

This article explains how to make a newsletter available for download on the website. It assumes that you wish to make newsletters available on a class by class basis. The instructions below explain how to do this for the Prep 1 class, but the process is the same for all.

The first step is to create a PDF file of the newsletter and save it to your computer. You can easily save a PDF from Word, PowerPoint and many other applications. If you are unsure how to do this, Microsoft provide guidance here.

To add a link for the PDF, log in to the website and then navigate to the correct class news page in the NOT LINKED section. For example, to add a newsletter for Prep 1, scroll down until you see Prep 1 News.

Once you have selected the Prep 1 News page, click Add Post in the top right corner.


Type in a suitable title, such as Autumn Term Newsletter.

In the large box (where it says Write here..) type something suitable such as The newsletter is now available for download here


Highlight the word ‘here’ and click the edit link button.

Click on Files

Drag the PDF file into the white box or click the white box if you would like to select the file using an explorer window.


Save the post for later publication, or click Save and Publish to post it now.

Visitors can click on the link to download a copy of the PDF file.