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Hi, I’m Paul. As the founder of this independent and family business, I appreciate you checking us out!

I've been developing Squarespace websites for ten years, both under this brand (SF Design) and as a ‘white label’ service for larger web design agencies (who charge their clients considerably more than I do).

I can add features to your Squarespace website by customising existing functions, or adding new functions that aren’t already built-in. I find that many users build their own Squarespace site and soon outgrow it because they don’t find the Site Styles flexible enough, or they need a feature that isn’t built-in and requires code.

Whatever you need - a simple style change or a large new feature - I'm here to help. I can write HTML, CSS, LESS and JavaScript (including JSON, jQuery and YUI) to meet your needs.

Need some help?

Development work is charged as follows:


For quotes below £500 (around US$640), full payment is required in advance. For higher quotes, a 50% deposit is required, with full payment on successful delivery.


Please note that I'm currently booked until next month for larger jobs (2 days+). I can accommodate smaller jobs at the moment but it may take me up to five days to look at your requirements and reply to you. Fast track requests jump to the front of the queue as they include a prepaid element (see below).

Fast Track Service

Want to jump to the front of the queue? Pay our standard minor charge upfront and we'll prioritise your request by looking at your site first, usually within 48-hours.

Note that whilst we guarantee to look at your site for between 10 and 20 minutes, we cannot guarantee that the changes you've requested are possible, either within the 20-minute time period, or at all. If you are in any doubt about your request, please do not pay upfront - use the form below instead. All payments are non-refundable.

The payment covers the first 20-minutes of our time, including our assessment of the time it will take to complete the work. Minor requests will be completed within 20 minutes. If more time is required, we will contact you by email to explain how long it will take and to request further payment if you would like us to continue. We normally look at fast track requests within 72 hours, during UK working hours, Monday to Friday. We do not work UK Public Holidays.

This page is not for our existing customers who have a site built by us. Existing customers should use our support page to contact us.

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Prefer to talk?

If you'd rather chat about your requirements during our working hours (Mon to Fri 8am-6pm UK Time) you can chat to us online (when available) using the chat window below. Note that the chat window 'disappears' outside working hours.

Sometimes there's a better way

Squarespace is a really great platform and we recommend it for the majority of websites, but sometimes there's a better alternative. If we think that Squarespace isn't the right solution for your problem, we'll let you know. We’re Shopify Partners too, and can help you build an online store on either platform.