Introducing our new multi-currency plugin for your Squarespace Online Store.

Global trade is booming online, and today’s buyers expect a personalised purchasing experience, with prices displayed in their own local currency.

Posting clear, understandable prices for products in your online store should be an important part of your site’s design. Recent surveys suggest that 85% to 95% of visitors leave a site without making a purchase when prices are not shown in their local currency. 

Our Local Currency Plugin automatically obtains the latest currency rates and allows visitors to select their local currency from a list of the eight most popular currencies, including US, Canadian and Australian Dollar, Euro, Pounds Sterling, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen, Swedish Krona and Norwegian Krone. When a visitor has selected their local currency, the choice persists throughout the pricing on your website.

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Currency Selection Plugin with Custom Currencies
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Coming Soon: A Geolocation add-on feature that can detect the location of a website visitor is coming soon. When added, this feature selects the correct local currency for visitors automatically (if they are in one of the territories where the supported currencies are used). If the visitor is in a different territory, they can choose their preferred currency from a drop-down list in the site’s header (or footer on mobile).

Our plugin can help to reduce your cart abandonment rate by displaying your prices in your visitor's local currency. The following features are included:

Real Time Currency Conversion

Real-time currency rates

Our plugin calculates the currency rate for each visitor using the latest bank rates so your customers will always see the latest rates.

This is totally automatic. There's nothing for you to calculate or update.


Prices are Rounded and Friendly

We know that after currency conversion, prices can be difficult to read. That's why our plugin can automatically round the prices to make them customer friendly. For example our default rules are:

Everything ending from .01 to .29 ⇢ round to .29
Everything ending from .30 to .49 ⇢ round to .49
Everything ending from .51 to .79 ⇢ round to .79
Everything ending from .80 to .99 ⇢ round to .99

We can offer custom solutions for a small additional cost.

Prices rounded to .99

All currencies supported

Support for popular currencies

We include support for the most popular currencies including Euro, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollar and Swiss Franc. Local prices are displayed in the correct format for local markets, for example:

1.234,99 €

We can offer other currencies for a small additional cost.

Available for Brine-family templates

Our plugins work with more than 45 templates in Squarespace's Brine template-family. This is the most up-to-date and flexible Squarespace template available.

Multi-Currency Solution for Squarespace Brine Template

Other Features:

  • Installation included. There’s no need to worry about whether it will work or whether you’ll be able to install it. We install the currency plugin for you, on your website.

  • Supports Business, Commerce and Advanced Commerce plans.

  • Supports ‘Sale’ prices. Sale and original prices are shown in both native and local currency.

  • Supports product variants, including variants with different prices. The local currency price is shown with a 'From' prefix until a variant is selected. The local currency price is updated whenever a different variant is selected.

  • Supports Ajax loading features.

  • Displays local currency pricing beside native pricing on product list pages.

  • Displays local currency pricing beside native pricing on product detail pages. Includes a customisable description for the local pricing.

  • The visitor can select their preferred local currency using a drop-down list, located in the desktop header and the mobile footer.

Available Now

The plugin is available now for all Brine-family templates. To check the which template family your website is using, see this Squarespace article: What's my template's family?

The geolocation feature will be available soon. When this service becomes available, we will offer a one-off ‘upgrade’ to the geolocation feature. Note that the geolocation feature requires a ongoing subscription to enable the geolocation lookup service.

Please note that our plugins display alternative currencies on product pages - they do not change the currency on the cart or the checkout pages. This is because the Squarespace checkout is locked and cannot be changed. Customers will always be required to make their purchase in the site's native currency.