Local Currency Plugin (Standard)

Local Currency Plugin (Standard)

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With our local currency plugin, your visitors can choose to view prices in their local currency. A drop-down menu offers a choice of up to eight currencies to be displayed beside your store’s native currency.


  • Visitor can select their local currency using a drop-down selector

  • Local currency prices are shown under native prices

  • Supports product variants with different prices

    • Alternative price shown with 'From' prefix until a variant is selected

    • Local price is updated when a different variant is selected

  • Supports Sale prices: Sale and original prices are shown in both native and local currency

  • Supports local prices on product detail pages

  • Supports local prices on product list page

The price quoted above includes professional installation of this plug-in on your website.


  • This plugin changes the prices on the product pages only. The currency cannot be changed in the checkout. Squarespace websites only allow a single currency to be used for payment, regardless of the currencies displayed. The local currency is not shown in Quick View.

  • The plugin is locked to the domain name of your site. It is not transferable and will stop working if the domain name is changed.

  • The currencies available on the standard drop-down are: EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY, SEK and NOK. For other currencies, please purchase our custom currency plugin.

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