Local Currency Plugin (Custom)

Local Currency Plugin (Custom)

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With our local currency plugin, your visitors can choose to view prices in their local currency. A drop-down menu offers a choice of up to eight currencies to be displayed beside your store’s native currency. This version of our plugin includes customisation of the eight currencies that will be offered to your site’s visitors. Please state the required currencies in the notes field when placing your order.


  • Visitor can select their local currency using a drop-down selector

  • Local currency prices are shown under native prices

  • Supports product variants with different prices

    • Alternative price shown with 'From' prefix until a variant is selected

    • Local price is updated when a different variant is selected

  • Supports Sale prices: Sale and original prices are shown in both native and local currency

  • Supports local prices on product detail pages

  • Supports local prices on product list page

The price quoted above includes professional installation of this plug-in on your website.


  • This plugin changes the prices on the product pages only. The currency cannot be changed in the checkout. Squarespace websites only allow a single currency to be used for payment, regardless of the currencies displayed. The local currency is not shown in Quick View.

  • The plugin is locked to the domain name of your site. It is not transferable and will stop working if the domain name is changed.

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