Adding a Date Picker to a Squarespace Form

Do you want to ensure that visitors put the correct date in your Squarespace forms?

The built-in Date field on Squarespace forms is only useful in North America because it expects dates in the form mm/dd/yyyy. In Europe, visitors expect to input dates in the form dd/mm/yyyy and this can lead to lots of confusion if they don't realise the boxes are the other way around!

One solution is to use a date picker to this problem is to add a date picker tool. These aren't available in the basic Squarespace form, but you can add one (or more!) to your Squarespace form with our plugin, so it looks like this:

A Squarespace form with a date-picker

A Squarespace form with a date-picker


This plugin only works with standard Squarespace forms that appear on normal pages. It does not support popup (lightbox) forms, product forms or checkout forms.

Plugins can only be installed on Squarespace websites on the Business Plan and above. Personal Plans do not support plugins.

This plugin works with all Squarespace template families.

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