Adding a Floating "Back to Top" Button

Want a floating button on your Squarespace website that will take visitors back to the top of the page? Look no further! Our plugin is quick and simple to install, but if you’re concerned, we can install it for you.

Why do I need one?

Squarespace index pages can be very long. They look great on tablets, but if your site’s navigation isn't visible, it can make it difficult for visitors to return to the navigation at top of the page.

Some Squarespace templates have a fixed navigation bar that ‘sticks’ to the top of the screen when visitors scroll down and some have a 'back to top' button in the footer, but some templates don't have either. We have found that visitors find it helpful to have a button that fades into view as you scroll down and floats along the bottom of the browser. You can see it in action on this website below.



The button can be added to any Squarespace site that is based on the Bedford or Brine/Wright family of templates. When adding the code to your site, you decide where the button should appear, when it should appear and what colour it should be. You can also change the size, shape (circle or square) and the text within the button. This is useful for sites that aren’t in English.


An additional copy of the software is required for each website.


The button is compatible with all templates in the Bedford family (Bedford, Anya, Bryant, and Hayden) and the Brine family (over 50 templates - see the full list here).

Your Squarespace website must be on a Business Plan or higher. Personal Plans do not support plugins.


Installation is straightforward. Follow the instructions provided to add some simple code to the Custom CSS and the Code Injection area of your Squarespace website.

The 'Back to Top' button in action

The 'Back to Top' button in action

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